2 thoughts on “Feedback”

  1. Hi all

    Very cool blog, i read it with interest and see a lot of interesting challenges solved.

    PS.: Can you please tip a toe into IPv6 Prefix Delegation in Mitaka/Newton?
    I was not able to get it working so far and it seems pretty unused in the wild.

    Thanks a lot


    1. Thanks for the kind words! We may check out Prefix Delegation once we are on Mitaka—should be early next year. But I’m not sure there’s a natural place for it in OpenStack. Who should be consuming PD-delegated prefixes, and what should they do with them?

      Right now we can support (IPv6) “Subnet Pools”, from which you can easily (via API or the Web UI) get a /64 or a few. It would be nice if we could give users a larger prefix (like the /56 that AWS now starts giving to each “VPC”) that they could then subdivide. Actually this might be possible using the “Subnet Pool” mechanism.

      I’m not seeing how support for the PD protocol (in DHCPv6; I assume that’s what you mean) would support such use cases. But maybe I’m missing something!


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